Taylist Media Events Materials

I have been involved in creating artwork for the kbbreview Retail & Design Awards from 2020 up until the latest in 2023 and for KBB Birmingham 2020. Designs cover a variety of mediums including signage, postcards and bags.

The menu for each awards was a 32 page booklet showcasing the finalists in each of the categories, information about how the event came about as well as the food that was being served on the night.

Alongside invitations sent out to each of the guests, we also created other artwork including labels for the table displays, graphics for the winners, finalists and sponsors to use on social media and drinks vouchers that could be won by taking part in some of the games put on by contributors throughout the evening.

Signage and artwork created for the 2023 awards included 4 metre tall banners, stage decoration including playing cards with a sponsors logo and items on the table such as sustainability table talkers and origami paper. The social media wall I designed drew a lot of attention and even had a queue at times so that people could take their own photos!

In 2021, signage was used in various ways throughout the cathedral. The signs varied in size from small poster sized graphics, to pull up banners and up to a large social media style background wall.

In 2020, signage was put up throughout the hotel to guide guests to the appropriate areas and welcome them once they arrived.

The 2021 awards also introduced the Quooker Club for guests to carry on celebrating after the ceremony. I created a logo and branding for the bar after party and exclusive VIP lanyards and passes.

The Quooker Club returned in 2023 with an Ultimate 90's theme. I designed a 'club night' logo and artwork for the night including branding a bus to take guests between venues.

In 2020, further signage was needed for the Arcade area which we wanted to feel different to the main event hall. I also created postcard sized labels for the drinks buckets with the sponsors logo and mirror decals to go throughout the venue.

I set up the design style for the 2022 awards with a Willy Wonka theme.

To support our partnership with the KBB Birmingham show, all guests were given a bag on arrival with our branding and a copy of the Design Trends special issue. I came up with the logo design to showcase the company as being at the Heart of the KBB industry. The bag was eye-catching and meant our presence was clear to all visitors to the show.

We also included a postcard sized flyer in the bag to advertise our company to the guests and again showcase our expertise within the industry.