There's a single vault for a plethora of files, and you  can easily find them by client, project,  date, status or Custom Metadata that you can define for  each document type.

DMS with Internal  Workflow Processing, Record Management,Version Con­trol, OCR. With Security and Effi­ciency at its core. 8 different Access Levels and User-Roles that the user can design and With each user hav­ing Access Right Rules your organi­zation‘s. Documents  are Secure.

Organize & Retrieve

Mahder can be used to Organize Both Physical and Digital Files. Once Documents are scanned into the system with a Duplex Scanner file retreival is accomplished in seconds

OCR and MetaData

Mahder has an OCR Feature so Con- tent of documents can be searched through. Meta Data can be Defined for each document type, which in turn Quickens the retreival Process


Workflow is the definition, execu- tion and automation of business processes where tasks, information or documents are passed from one participant to another for action, ac­ cording to a set of procedural rules

Version Control

Mahder retains a unique copy of each version of each file as it is checked out and back into the Library. Versions are never overwritten. When a document is checked in and changes have been made, Mahder automatically creates a new version of the document.